My First Home Espresso Machine

My intention of this post is to write about my journey of buying my first home espresso machine without any knowledge about espresso to being able to make nice aromatic tasty espressos and cappuccinos consistently every day.  It turns out that that was the best espresso machine under 200 dollars for me.

This is how it all began. I am a heavy coffee drinker. Every day, I have to take a cup of cappuccino in the morning to get me awake for my busy work schedule ahead. However, I was sick of having to queue up and wasting so much time in the queues at the coffee joint near my work place. I also did not want to spend a good portion of my monthly pay check on coffee drinks anymore. So, two months ago, I decided to get my first espresso machine for my house to make cappuccino at home to save me money and time. However, I also did not want to spend too much on the espresso maker. So, I started scouring the internet to purchase the best affordable espresso machine for my house.

Looking through the internet, I first checked out the coffee makers under $100. However, I could find an espresso maker that can make cappuccino automatically. I certainly did not want to spend too much time in the morning at the kitchen just to make myself a cappuccino. I want it to be done automatically.

During my search, I also started to learn about the factors affecting espresso quality. I found that coffee beans are more important than the espresso maker itself to making quality espresso. For more details, check out this article. With that in mind, I did not look at the high end models right away.


So I started to move my price point up to just 200. And I found a number of options for the best espresso machine under 200 dollars. With this budget, I started to find some high quality espresso makers with a few extra features. These espresso makers are equipped with a milk frother, allowing you to pull delicious cappuccino or even latte. This certainly make it convenient for me as I do not have to worry about getting other additional equipments such as milk frothers.

Looking at even higher price points, I found espresso makers with even more features and will more elegantly made. However, what I wanted was just an espresso maker which can also make cappuccino automatically in the morning.

Eventually, I settle for this espresso maker costing below 150 bucks. The Mr Coffee Cafe Barista Espresso Maker is definitely the ideal machine for me. With this price range, I could not find any better espresso maker. So if you too have a small budget, I would suggest that you look at this machine too.

The most important feature is that this cafe barista maker can make cappuccino automatically, thanks to its automatic milk frothing capability. It also have a large water tank, so you can make a few cups of espresso with just one refill of the water tank.

Using this machine is also easy with just options to select your beverage type and the intensity of your beverage. This machine is also very compact and do not need you to sacrifice a lot of counter space to place this coffee maker. I choose the red color espresso maker because it looks really nice and make a good center piece for my kitchen.


Well, this is really a fantastic home espresso machine for the price it is being offered. But it sure takes a practice to learn how to create nice tasty espresso.  The type of milk used also affects the quality of cappuccino.

Nevertheless, my perseverance pays off. Now, I am able to make nice tasty cappuccino in the morning consistently every day before work. It only takes a couple of minutes. And I save myself time from the queuing. I also get to save quite a bit from not having to buy the expensive coffee at the cafes anymore.